Introduction - Swinderby Trust is a small charity focused on local needs and was registered with the Charity Commission on the 20th of August 1973.

It dates back to 1658 when it was first established as a charity known as Poor’s Land and includes a bequest from former resident Tom Weatherhogg (1876–1954) as requested in his will. 

The present Trustees are listed on the Charity Commission website together with a summary of income and expenditure from 2017 to 2021. At present the income is generated from approximately £20,000 invested in stocks and shares. As a result, our annual income varies significantly according to how the stock market performs. In addition, the Trust has three small parcels of land in the Parish. 


The charity is managed by a team of Trustees who meet regularly to discuss the charity’s finances, agree ideas for future fund raising and review any applications received for support. The current Trustees, all of whom are residents of the Parish, are as follows: 

•   Geoff Lloyd (Chair)
•   James Anderson (Secretary)
•   Mike Batt (Treasurer)
•   Andrew Vaughan
•   Sarah Markall
•   Ron Hodgson
•   Kate Batt
•   Pat Haig

Application of Income. 

To comply with our constitution, we must ensure that any donations we make comply with the following: 

•   Benefit the inhabitants of the Parish of Swinderby
•   Provision is not available from public funds, for example from taxes, allowances or benefits
•   Support either organisations or individuals 
•   Address a need, hardship or distress

Our last three donations have been to organisations to ensure maximum benefit for as many people as possible as follows:

•   April 2022 - donation to Collingham Village Care (£200)
•   November 2022 – donation to Swinderby Link Up (£200) 
•   December 2022 – donation to Friends of Swinderby School (FOSS) for goal posts (£250)

The Trustees are also keen to focus on well-being as a need 


The Poor’s Land Charity was established as an outcome of the enclosure of Swinderby initiated by Sir Henry Disney in 1629 and completed by his son John in 1658. It was a long and protracted affair involving the courts and commissioners. For over 250 years the associated documents, many on parchment, were stored in the Parish chest in the church but they now reside in London. 

The enclosure of Swinderby resulted in many poor residents losing their rights over common land for grazing and for collecting fuel. At the time the poor were the responsibility of the Parish and hence provision was made in granting 20 acres of land and several dwellings in which they could reside. For many years the Trust provided support not only by making financial donations but also providing rye and fuel, initially turf and furze and eventually coal. At the time the charity also covered the cost of repairs to dwellings, often to repair or renew the thatching on roofs

Tom Ernest Weatherhogg was born in Swinderby in 1876. His father George Weatherhogg married Ann Jackson in Swinderby Church in March 1866. His parents are buried at Swinderby with the following inscription on the grave. 

“In affectionate remembrance of Ann, the beloved wife of George Weatherhogg, second daughter of the late David Jackson, who died March 11th, 1892 aged 51 years and of George William, the beloved husband of above who died Sep 26th 1910 aged 69 years"

At 14 Tom moved to Birmingham to join his brother to work at Cave’s Horse Repository in Mosely Street. He then trained as an auctioneer before farming at Shirley and Yardley in the West Midlands. However, he made his fortune in establishing and operating haulage and coach firms in and around Birmingham. 

He kept in contact with the village of his birth by often visiting and regularly subscribing to the Methodist Sunday School fund, including sending £5 a year for distribution among the poor members of the Church. In his will he left the Church Trustees £500, the interest to be distributed to the old and needy of the village “in grateful remembrance of my boyhood days in the village where I was born.

Future Plans 

The Trustees’ plans for the Trust focus on the following three areas:

Awareness - we suspect the existence and purpose of the Trust are not particularly well known by local residents and we are keen to change this, both to encourage possible support but also to make individuals and organisations aware of their ability to apply for financial support if appropriate

Income – as stated, our current income is derived exclusively from share dividends and is, therefore, dependent on how the stock market performs. We are keen to explore other income sources, whether from fund raising events, donations or bequests
Land – the Trust owns three small areas of land within the Parish, none of which are utilized. We are keen to consider how best these could be developed, either as a means to generate income or as a way to provide some benefit to the community

Should you have any questions about Swinderby Trust, or wish to apply for support, please contact one of the Trustees listed above

Please CLICK HERE for review and/or download the Application Form.

Published: Thursday, 2nd February 2023